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Savalas.TV Values, Ethics and Guidelines for Behavior

Savalas.TV has a responsibility to society for the proper care, interpretation and preservation of items of cultural and familial heritage. As steward of these objects and associated intellectual property, the Savalas.TV website:

  • is committed to the ethical use of objects and information held by or communicated to the Savalas.TV
  • will undertake or encourage research into Savalas family history and the dissemination of information relating to Savalas family history
  • will arrange full documentation of objects in its custody (including contextual details and supporting material such as photographs and oral histories where appropriate)
  • will develop strong links with other websites, educational and research institutions, their cultural agencies and community groups.

Savalas.TV acknowledges that frameworks of knowledge and interpretation are constructed within social settings. This requires a willingness to present contingent and conflicting views as well as a recognition that the website may arouse controversy.

Savalas.TV is committed to the enhancement of mutual understanding of cultural diversity. Such diversity must be reflected in the website's collections, public and outreach programs, policies and practices, the compositions of boards/committees, staffing profile and the audiences it serves. In this way the website will:

  • involve communities in the interpretation, documentation and representation of their tangible and intangible cultural and familial heritage
  • respond to community needs in the preservation and representation of their cultural aspirations and heritage
  • rigorously apply its commitment to free speech, operational transparency, and legal, moral, and just practices.

To comment on this ethical statement, please visit our Contact Page.

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