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As you have probably noticed, our entire website has changed. Our goal is to be a model website and a courteous, responsible Internet citizen. We are now fully accessible to those with disabilities, available in many languages, completely compliant with all international Internet laws and regulations, and transparent in all privacy issues.

We will no longer slow you down with images and media that you did not ask for; if you choose to view media, it is all free and links are on the top of every page. There is a simple navigation trail near the top to show you where you are at all times.

There is no more need for visitors to register, no more withholding areas because a visitor did not want to go through the process of filling out some form. We do not need your email address; sites that require them usually are in the business of spamming you with useless mail or selling your address to companies that will. We do not do that.

If you were a member here before, your records have been destroyed. No copies remain. They were not sold to anyone. We value your privacy, and will continue to act ethically in hopes of retaining your trust. That is my guarantee. My name is Nicholas Savalas; I am the webmaster here.

As far as the site renovation is concerned, bear with me. I work on it every day. It will be faster, cleaner, and more fun than ever. Thank you for visiting Savalas.TV; please check back in often.