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About Us - The Savalas Family Legacy

This is what Savalas.TV is about - sharing the heritage and legacy of our ancestors between us, no matter how far apart we may live. It is through this online archive that we can remain close, and our children can read, see, hear, and learn about who they are.

Mine is perhaps the last generation to have access to our history before our immigration to the United States, and we consider it our responsibility to preserve it, as fully as possible, for future generations. If you are a Savalas relative, and we are gone, know that we believe the preservation of this legacy was the most important act of our lives. It is now your duty to maintain, update, and share it amongst yourselves. Long after we have left this beautiful life, we hope that the legacy we have assembled here will enrich the lives of our children.

Click here to watch this video in Windows Media Player, which you may download, free, here.

Never lose your faith in God, your patriotism to America or Greece, your ambition to achieve great things, and, most important of all, love and protect one another. We expect great things from you. We love you.

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