Savalas.TV General Privacy Policy Statement

Updated: 01 Dec 2006 11:11 PM -0800

This is a general policy statement for Savalas.TV, located on the Web at The full text of our privacy policy is available on the Web at Savalas.TV fully complies with all laws and recommendations concerning the security and privacy of your information. At any time, you have full access to all information that you share with us. Here is our P3P (privacy transparency) test. Here is our ICRA (Internet Content Rating Organization) test.

Dispute Resolution: Please contact us through our Contact Page and we will quickly respond to your privacy issues. This policy is valid for 1 year from the time that it is loaded by a client.

Data Collection: P3P policies declare the data they collect in groups. This policy contains 2 data groups. We collect the following information:

Group Basic Information - Click-stream data, HTTP protocol elements, Search terms

Group Cookies - Click-stream data, HTTP protocol elements

This data will be used by ourselves and our agents for the user accessibility enhancement and customization, completion and support of the current activity, research and development, and site and system administration. Our compact privacy policy is located at